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Intelligent Zinc Alloy Fingerprint Door Lock With Super C Class Cylinder

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Brand Name: ROYAL
Model Number: 1001
Certification: CE
Place of Origin: China
MOQ: 1 set
Price: US$2-5/Unit
Supply Ability: 10000000 sets per one month
Delivery Time: 3-5 days
Packaging Details: Standard export package,customized package is available.
Payment Terms: T/T
Low valtage warning: <4.8V
Fingerprint Sensor: Semi-conductor / Optical
Lock Cylinder: C level true core copper lock cylinder
Unlock ways: Fingerprint,password,card,key,phone APP,combination
Fingerprint collector: Hard glass, nanometer surface treatment
Capacity: 400 groups(fingerprint+card+code)
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    Intelligent Zinc Alloy Fingerprint Door Lock With Super C Class Cylinder

    Intelligent 6 Ways Unlock Zinc Alloy Fingerprint Lock Golden/Bronze Red color Super C-Class Cylinder For Any Door

    1. Working Principle Of Fingerprint Lock

    The work flow of fingerprint unlocking can be summarized into three steps: 1. Establishment of fingerprint database; 2. Acceptance and judgment of fingerprint information; 3. Output of judgment results.

    1) fingerprint database establishment
    After the intelligent fingerprint lock is installed and checked, it is necessary to input the fingerprint information to the intelligent fingerprint lock administrator to define the identity of the lock administrator. After setting up the administrator, the administrator must be authorized to input the fingerprint information of family members and establish the fingerprint information database. Generally, the better intelligent fingerprint lock also has a large fingerprint storage capacity, such as the Intelligent Fingerprint Lock in India can enter up to 300 fingerprints.

    2) fingerprint information reception and judgement.
    When the user presses the fingerprint lock sensing module with his finger, the fingerprint sensor immediately transforms the fingerprint pressure into photoelectric information, and compares the obtained information with the information in the fingerprint database by lightning.

    3) output of judgment results.
    When the conduction information is compared with the information in the fingerprint database correctly, the system determines that the fingerprint is the master fingerprint, and transmits the processing results to the door lock and voice prompt unit through the power control box to unlock the door. Conversely, the voice prompt fingerprint is not entered, and will not open the door.

    2. How To Use Fingerprint Lock

    One. Password settings for managers (the password for the first time after the factory is the administrator password)
    Operation steps: <1> open the battery cover.
    <2>press the setting button to ring the drip sound once.
    <3> press the start key (next to the keyboard number 3) and enter the password (3-8 bits) by pressing the key.
    <4> sounded the drip, and the operation was successful

    Two. Opening Card, Password, Fingerprint Lock and Remote Control Settings (Set only when there is a password for the administrator, remote control is optional)
    Operational steps: 1. Open the battery cover 2. Press the settings key once. 3. Press the start key, enter the password (3-8 bits) press the key 4. Press the start key, input the number (00-99) press the key. 5. Press the start key, enter the open door (3-8 bits), press the # key to end, the password is set successfully; the fingerprint will be pointed at the fingerprint window to read the fingerprint, drip sound, and then again the same finger press read the fingerprint. Two times read the same sound, indicating the success of fingerprint input; will set the card close to the induction area, set the induction card; press any key of the remote control, set the remote control.
    Three. delete the open door card, password, fingerprint, remote control.
    1. open the battery cover.
    2. press the set button two times continuously.
    3. press the start button to enter the administrator password and press the button.
    4. press the start button to enter the fingerprints, passwords, remote control numbers, and button numbers to be deleted. For example, to delete a fingerprint, point your finger at the fingerprint window to read the fingerprint, the card to be deleted is close to the sensing area, and press any key of the remote control.
    Four. delete all cards, fingerprints, remote controls, passwords (administrator password will also be deleted).
    1. open the battery cover.
    2. press the set button three times continuously.
    3. press the start button to enter the administrator password.
    4. finally, click the button.

    Five. emergency lock.
    The emergency key, as the name suggests, is the key to respond to emergencies. You know, even a good fingerprint lock brand will happen. Emergency keyholes are usually concealed. Satellite's fingerprint keyhole is located at the bottom of the panel. You can see the key jack. Insert and rotate the key to open the lock.

    Six. How to replace batteries
    Fingerprint password lock is generally used by lithium battery power supply, and fingerprint password lock or dual power supply, that is, with dual protection lithium battery can be used 200000 times, absolutely electricity saving and environmental protection. The fingerprint code lock also has the power supply low voltage alarm function, when the power supply voltage is lower than 4.8 volts, there is a voice prompt you to replace the battery in time. In case the battery is not replaced in time, the fingerprint password lock can also use external power supply, as long as access to emergency batteries can achieve unlocking.
    The use of fingerprint locks is easy to master. But there are still some settings to pay attention to. Attention should be paid to user settings. Of course, the operation methods of different brands will be different.

    3. Fingerprint Lock Features

    No.ItemsTechnical parameters
    1Sensor resolutionBright background, 500dpi
    2Sensor damage resistance ability1000 times of impact with 4H pencil
    3Starting time<1 second
    4Way of contrast1:N
    5False rejection rate≤1%
    6Error rate≤0.0001%
    7Finger point360°
    8Fingerprint registration moduleCreate one fingerprint module at one time
    9Fingerprint update modeAuto update
    10Fingerprint informationThe fingerprint information will not lose when the battery is off or changed
    11Fingerprint capacity100 Pieces
    12Lights interfereAvoid explosion under high light
    13Fingerprint collectorHard glass, nanometer surface treatment
    14Static Power Consumption< 30 u A
    15Dynamic Power ConsumptionThe working current is under 200 mA
    16Control systemDicaryon dual circuit and individual control
    17The fingerprint battery lifeOpen door for 5000 times
    18The combination battery lifeOpen door for 6000 times
    19Working voltageDC 6 V
    20Power supply modeBattery powered
    21Combination capacity100 Groups
    22backup powerDC 9 V
    23Low voltage alarm4.9 V
    24Antistatic abilityContact discharge 8KV,air discharge 15KV
    25Working temperature-10℃ to 55℃
    26Working humidity10% to 90%
    27Storage temperature-20℃ to 7 0℃
    28Combination designRandom combination
    29Combination length6-digit numbers
    30Door open methodLeft open, right open
    31Card Capacity100 Piece


    1. This product applies for fingerprint, password, card, APP(optional).

    2. Support remote control function, efficient and convenient.
    3. Have strengthens security level of the door lock.
    4. User addition and deletion based on sector number management.
    5. Have anti-peep password function.
    6. All components are used internationally renowned brand name products, stable and reliable quality.
    7. All of door lock modules are waterproof, moisture-proof and anti-virus.
    8. All of door lock module can adapt to harsh environment.


    power supply4.5V-6.5V (4 pieces AA batteries)
    Typical quiescent current<50μ A(Battery can be used more than one year
    Working current<250mA(Strong driving ability)
    Total of user fingerprints<=150
    Total of user cards<=300
    Total of user passwords<=300
    Reject true rate<=0.15%
    Accept fake rate<=0.00004%
    Operating temperature-10℃~60℃
    Relative humidity20%~93%

    Product Details

    Weight 6kgs

    Financial Fingerprint Identification Sensor

    USD Emergency Charge Interface

    Back And Front Side

    Super C-Class Cylinder

    4. Our Service

    a- 1 year warranty

    1 year warranty for whole machine, not including the man-made damagement or damaged by wrong operation or change the inside constructure without engineer admit. During the warranty time, we would send the spare parts for repair, the spare parts that have provided together with the whole machine would not provide for free again.

    b- 1-2% Free Spare Parts

    c- OEM & ODM are welcome

    d- Trial orders are available

    e- sample can be supplied in 10-15days

    F- Sample 1-2 days service, packing design service, trial order, retail service, 24 hours phone service and customized service. 1 Year Warranty

    G, Certificate: CE

    5. FAQ

    1, Would I need to fingerprint lock all the year round?

    Running a fingerprint lock from early October until the spring is generally sufficient as more moisture is generated during the winter weather. It's also better to start using your dehumidifier before the winter starts; this reduces the risk of moisture soaking into your walls.

    2, Are you a factory or trading company?

    We are a factory which specialized in produce dehumidifier about 13years. We accept OEM or ODM

    3, How do I know which model I should choose

    Please tell us the supplying area size (length*width*height), and the RH you need. We will study and suggest you the right model.

    4, Can we buy a sample for testing?

    Sure, you are welcomed to buy a sample before mass order.

    5, if the fingerprint lock doesn't work well, what shall I do ?

    If happens within one year, we will take in charge of the maintenance, or send you a new machine freely.
    If after one year, we will supply you the right parts to replace at low price.

    6, What about delivery date?

    Product can be sent to you within a week if there is stock after receiving deposit or 100% payment from customer. If there is no stock, the delivery date will be 30 to 40days.

    7, How to choose a fingerprint lock?

    The simplest and the least precise way to determine the dryer's efficiency is by choosing it according to your room's cubic capacity. It is recommended, that an hourly air flow through the device is at least 3,5 times higher than the total volume of the room.

    6, Function

    1) fingerprint lock function.
    In fact, fingerprint as the opening medium of this way, is the most basic, but also relatively other functions of the most mature. Fingerprint unlocking uses the uniqueness of the fingerprint to achieve a certain degree of security, fingerprint as a key has a great feature, that is, convenience. These portable things such as keys, cell phones and so on are all likely to be lost, but fingerprints will not. The cumbersome weight-bearing key strings, whether men hang on trouser belts or women put in bags, are undoubtedly a burden, to bring a lot of inconvenience to life. As we have just said, there are two sides to everything. There should be no perfect word in this world. It
    When fingerprint collectors begin to use locks, these problems arise: fingerprint entry and deletion need complicated operation, not convenient enough, fingerprint shallow, peeling, dirty hands and other personnel identification is not very sensitive, of course, these problems still exist, but now the technology is more mature than before, for example Son, Erford Intelligent Lock, Erford Intelligent Lock is a fingerprint collection with automatic memory repair function.

    2) radio frequency card unlock function
    Many residential doors, or rental housing long ago in the use of radio frequency card to open the door, but after all, has not been put into the door, security door use, mainly because this kind of radio frequency card is a low-frequency card, identification speed and distance is not as fast as most fingerprint smart locks used in high-frequency card speed, range that. It's big. Radio frequency cards have such a common fault, poor reliability, easy to copy, need to be properly kept, once lost, need to cancel the authorization in time. It
    But with the constant development of the industry and the constant updating of technology, the intelligent lock can not only configure ordinary radio frequency cards, but also configure identity cards, bank cards, residential entrance guard cards and so on. It is safer than traditional radio frequency cards, because such sensitive things as ID cards and bank cards are relatively a guarantee for people. The sense of protection is much stronger.

    3) Voice navigation function.
    Voice navigation has undoubtedly solved a question in people's minds, is this thing difficult to use? Is it difficult to operate? In fact, compared with mobile phones, fingerprint smart lock operation is much simpler, because the smart lock itself is not as complex as mobile phones, so multi-functional, and mobile phones will not have voice navigation. Take advantage of the love lock and make an intelligent operation demonstration. It
    Six steps: 1, press 0# to enter the menu password entry column. 2. Enter the management password (e.g. the initial password of Erfurt: 01234789, # key confirmation) to confirm 3. Then you can view the menu from left to right. For example, if I want to enter a new fingerprint user, then 4. User management (e.g. Erfurt Intelligent Lock, jumping in to add a user, it will have a primitive system username and it will be able to call for its own life. The user name is entered in English, numerals, and Chinese. 6, user edit, add key (fingerprint, password, card, remote control, etc.) to add the key to complete the whole process, and every step of these six steps will have voice prompt navigation. But voice navigation usually uses official languages, such as Mandarin Chinese and English, which makes it inconvenient for some elderly people. Of course, the most official linguistic basis for consumers who can accept intelligent locks is still there, which is a small part after all.

    4) Anti prying alarm function.
    In fact, I think this function is a chicken rib, if the setting is too sensitive, is it unintentional collision or the size of the force of closing the door will suddenly burst this function, if the setting is not sensitive, then it is not in vain. It
    However, the existence of the world is reasonable this sentence, so his existence, and why the manufacturer so designed, must have his rationality. Literally, it should be easy to understand the role of this function, when the intelligent lock encounters external violence damage, or the door lock is not effectively locked, immediately alarm, attracting attention, like a car alarm. This strong alarm can attract the attention of people around, of course, can also deter the use of this means of criminals, effectively prevent the illegal acts of thieves. It
    For users with complex living environment, this function is more effective. In fact, how much hatred does it take to break a lock? If that happens, do you think people who do it care about using other methods?

    5) The function of the virtual cipher.
    The virtual password function means that when you enter the password, you can enter any number before and after the correct password. As long as the password in the middle is correct, the function can be implemented to open the intelligent lock. This function effectively prevents others from peeping into the password, and can also be extended. The length of your password, even if you peep at it, may not be remembered, but you can't rule out the possibility of other means of memory, so some manufacturers have developed virtual scrambling, which means that the virtual password added before and after is accompanied by a system-specified scrambling code, such as the first password input, The system gives you the first three scrambled codes 123, which can be used correctly for the first time, but not for the second time, because the second system may give you only one scrambled code or 12 or 134, thereby reducing the risk of snooping passwords.

    6) remote control unlock function.

    Remote control unlock, as the name suggests, controls the opening of a door lock within a certain distance by means of a remote control button. Consistent with the auto-unlocking function, you can do this only by pairing in the menu bar where you add the secret key. You can imagine that when you're busy at home and you can't deliver, your courier arrives, you just need to click the remote control button gently, which saves you time and keeps people outside the door from waiting too long. But unlike fingerprints, fingerprints are not lost, but remote control is likely to be lost. It
    Moreover, the remote control distance is too short, the general remote control distance can not be calculated through the wall distance, have to bypass the wall distance to calculate, if your house is larger or villas, duplex buildings, then the remote control distance requirements are more stringent.

    7) Remote control function.
    This is the selling point of many manufacturers now, remote control function is through the network, from your mobile phone to your smart fingerprint lock, and then open the door. When you're not at home and nobody's at home, it's rude to have a visitor come to visit you and keep the guest away, so you can pass the instructions on your mobile phone and open the door. It's a good idea to be hospitable. However, there are always worries, children are more naughty now, like playing with adults'mobile phones, what if it happens? First of all, when you input instructions on your phone to your smart lock, you will have to enter a password, this password is to open the command input function, it is now like everyone lock a channel on their mobile phones. Again, when your instructions are delivered to the smart lock, the smart lock industry has a hint that the person outside the door is sure, and if no one is sure, cancel the order within a specified time. It
    In fact, there are still a lot of hidden dangers for us to unlock the locks remotely. If this unlocking method is implemented vigorously and all intelligent locks in the market are labeled, the consequence will be the intervention of black hat. This way of obtaining passwords is more technical than mechanical keys, fingerprint copying, password peeping, etc. Magnetic card copying and other means of crime are much easier to come by. Because the network can be controlled systematized or regionalized.

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